It’s time to upgrade your earbuds, isn’t it? If you’re looking to get a new pair of earbuds for listening to music while out and about, Jabra is the place to go.

Not only that, but you’re in luck now, because as the famous New York Marathon draws closer, you’ll be able to score special occasion discounts.

Gear up for running

Jabra is celebrating the New York City Marathon with a special 20% discount code that will be available between October 31 and November 6, 2022.

These are two of the best earbuds in the Jabra arsenal, so you’ll want to check them out and buy the one you think will go better with your style. You only have a few days left, because the New York City Marathon is on November 6th, which is also when the deal expires.

Choose your favorite Jabra earbuds

The Jabra 7 Active are awesome earbuds that are not only great for listening to music, but they’re also waterproof and sweatproof, so you’ll get to work without fear of damaging the buds. You can even run a marathon with them, like the New York City Marathon. The earbuds use ShakeGrip technology, which means they’re built to stay in your ears no matter how hard you hit them, so they’re sure to survive your run.

The earbuds have 6mm speakers, so you’ll hear crystal-clear sound with them. It also has adjustable ANC. This means that while it can block out noise around you, you can also adjust the levels so that you can hear the environment when you deem necessary, especially for safety reasons. The battery will last for about 8 hours of music playing (that number goes up to 30 hours if you count the energy stored in the case). This is enough for any marathon.

The Elite 4 Active are also great earbuds with similar features to the 7 Active model. However, the battery life of these earbuds goes up to 7 hours, for a total of 28 hours with the charging case. 10 minutes of charge will give you 1 hour of playback. The dedicated app will help you adjust your music equalizer, treble levels, etc. Plus, you can connect your Spotify account and control the play button by tapping your earbuds instead.

Don’t miss this deal

Getting Jabra earbuds with 20% off is absolutely fantastic, so now is the best time to get yourself a new set that you can use while you exercise.

Are you a fan of fast prime lenses? Or do you enjoy the versatility of a zoom lens? No matter which side you lean on, there are advantages to both types of lenses. But have you heard of superzoom lenses? A superzoom lens is a type of zoom lens that you can keep in your camera bag.

What is a superzoom lens?

When you first hear the term, you might confuse it with a super telephoto lens that can zoom to long focal lengths like 600mm or 800mm. On the other hand, a superzoom is a lens with a much wider zoom range, often from wide-angle to telephoto range.

Nikon’s 28-200mm, Canon’s 24-240mm and Sony’s 24-105mm are some examples of superzoom lenses.

The main advantage of superzoom lenses is that they can cover a wide range of focal lengths, and thus they are very versatile. Having different focal lengths for different subjects in the same camera and lens combo is a boon for travel photographers who want to travel light.

Why do you need a superzoom lens?

If you’re a primarily prime lens user who prefers the speed and quality of a prime lens, you should try a superzoom for the following reasons.

Cover different focal lengths

Are you a fan of favorite nifty-fifty lenses? The famous lens is sure to make you a better photographer, no doubt about it. It is lightweight and has a standard perspective suitable for most needs. But it can be very limiting if you want to take pictures of your family in a small room or shoot an animal that catches your eye.

With the superzoom lens, you have the flexibility to shoot indoors, landscapes, portraits, and even distant subjects like animals and birds. And for this you do not need to have separate lenses.

Versatile for a variety of photographic needs

Again, prime lenses are an excellent tool if you focus on just one type of photography. For example, prime macro lenses like the Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 or the Canon 100mm f2.8 may be ideal for macro photographers, but not for architectural photographers.

But, if you enjoy taking pictures of multiple subjects, your best bet is a superzoom lens. So, let’s say, you’re shooting a lake in the early morning and you see a beautiful bird nearby; You don’t want to miss the bird shot. Instead, zoom in and just like that, you have a photo of a bird from your session.

You also get more creative flexibility. For example, instead of one wide-angle or telephoto shot, you can take as many photos as you want at different focal lengths. Then, you can choose the best look during post-production.

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