EVs are the future of automotive mobility. Nevertheless, there are still issues with respect to EV charging networks, especially in suburban and rural areas.

Tesla is aggressively developing its Supercharger network. And although it can get data from the millions of Teslas it’s already sold, it still doesn’t tell the whole story.

So, to help decide which areas to prioritize, it’s setting up a vote among Tesla owners on where it should put its next Supercharger—and here’s how you can have your say .

How supercharging voting works

Tesla asks its users where it should place its next Supercharger station via the Tesla Supercharger Voting page. By visiting the link, you can vote for five future Supercharger locations. You can also propose new sites that Tesla has not included in the current voting options.

Each voting season lasts for three months – the first season started in October 2022 and is expected to run till January 2023. The next season should start in February 2023, allowing you to send in new votes on where you want to place the Superchargers.

You can vote for new sites or choose the same sites you voted for in the previous cycle if they were not selected.

How to make your Supercharger vote count

Participating in Tesla’s Supercharging voting is easy – you need a Tesla account (no, you don’t need a Tesla car, as other EVs can also use the Tesla Supercharger network) and visit the voting page.

However, you have to make sure that you are voting for the position that you really want. This is because once you have cast your vote, you cannot cancel or undo it. So, once you have used up your five ballots, you will have to wait for the next voting cycle to change your choices.

Once you have made your choice, you can safely close the window. But if the sites you want to have a Supercharger aren’t listed or aren’t on the map, you can suggest a location.

Suggest new places that are not in the voting list

If you’re on the Supercharging Voting home page, select Suggest a New Location, which will open a Suggest a Supercharger Location page. You will then need to fill in your details, your suggested location address and the location you would like to avail.

After filling the details hit submit and you are good to go.

Alternatively, if you’re on the Supercharger Voting Map, deselect any locations you’ve selected by clicking the x icon on the site’s description card. You will then have to select the link suggesting the location on the Supercharger Voting Card. This will open the Suggest a Supercharger Location page.

Tesla is listening to its customers

One thing that holds people back from getting an electric car is the lack of fast charging networks. This is the reason why many people like Tesla’s EV because of its huge supercharger network.

By investing in its fast charging system and combining that with a practical route planner that includes superchargers, Tesla makes its vehicles an attractive option for buyers, especially if they prefer long distance driving.

Supercharger voting is also a great way for Tesla to communicate to its customers that it’s listening to them — and now Tesla is even selling CCS adapters, which allow Tesla owners to juice up their cars on non-Tesla chargers. allows.

The long-awaited CCS (Combined Charging System) adapter is now available to North American Tesla owners for $250.

This adapter allows Tesla owners to charge their vehicles on non-Tesla fast-charging networks. While Tesla’s proprietary plug previously limited owners’ options to home stations or Tesla’s Supercharger, this adapter opens up a whole new vista of charging possibilities.

Should the CCS Adapter Become Part of Your Charging Arsenal?

What is Tesla CCS Adapter?

If you’ve ever traveled to a country with a variety of electrical outlets (or researched the best adapter for your USB-C MacBook), you’re familiar with how adapters work.

The CCS Adapter is the same idea; Only it allows Tesla owners to charge their vehicles at third-party charging stations. While the adapter was previously sold by Tesla in South Korea and available from aftermarket distributors here, it is now available for purchase on Tesla’s website. They will begin shipping CCS Adapters to the US, Canada and Mexico within two weeks of ordering.

North American Tesla owners need this adapter because, unlike Europe, there is no standardized connector. It’s as if your house was built with a Type A electrical outlet, which accepts a plug with two flat prongs, but your neighbor has a Type C outlet, which only accepts two round prongs. .

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